Should There Be A Nuclear Power Plant In Saskatche

wan?Should There Be A Nuclear Power Plant In Saskatchewan?
I think there should be a nuclear power plant built in Saskatchewan
because I believe it would contribute to the province a great deal. There is a
growing need for power in Saskatchewan.

Right now in Saskatchewan there is a need for more power.There has
question as to putting a nuclear plant is Saskatchewan This I think is the ideal
choice of power plants because on1 bundle of uranium is equal to the power
output of 400 tones or 1900 barrels of oil. This is more than adequate to cope
with our need for power. Also one good example of our need is that during winter
Saskatchewan has to buy power from other provinces in order to have, that is how
serious the shortage is.

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In Saskatchewan there is lots of unemployment. Building a nuclear power
plant would create more jobs. This would also benefit the government because
less people would be collecting unemployment insurance and welfare. Thus adding
to the amount the government could be spending on other things such as fixing
highways, better healthcare, and more funding to school.

Nuclear power is also a lot environment wise. Nuclear power requires a
mere fraction of the space that is required to set up a solar, wind, or
hydroelectric generating station which. This will allow more space for private
landowners and will also keep land prices at a lower cost. Nuclear power is also
a much cleaner operating type of fuel. The amount of waste produced is from a
nuclear power plant is not even a fraction of the amount of sulfur, carbon
monoxide, and nitrogen oxide produced by a coal plant. By building a nuclear
power we will reduce acid rain and not add to the global warming. Hydro stations
form algae in lakes which reduces the amount of oxygen in the water making it
harder for marine life to survive. Although the damage nuclear accidents cause
is very bad the risk of a accident is not very probable, so in the long run the
damages caused by a nuclear power are very little compared to other generating

Also lets look at economy. Any new industry or company brought to the
province also bring income to the government. Which will again make the
government able to improve other also important Things.

Nuclear power is also a cheaper fuel. Since we have such large deposits
of uranium in Saskatchewan it will cost barely anything to fuel the reactors
So you see it only makes sense to place a nuclear reactor in
Saskatchewan because of the lesser amount of pollution and cost to run a nuclear