In the excerpt from “Biosphere Politics” by Jeremy Rifkin. I found something very interesting. He states “The separation of human beings from nature and the parallel detachment of human consciousness from the human body has transformed western man into an alien on his own planet” (Rifkin). If people could take trips to other places with out leaving the sanctity of there own home it would be an amazing experience. I also was amazed with Rifkins idea of downloading the human consciousness into a machine. If this is possible the human kind has found the fountain of youth.

I believe that it would be a great experience if a man could simply put a helmet on, and visit another place. This would enable a person to see the Grand Canyon, Pyramids in Egypt, and all the wonders of the world in the confines of his own home. This would be ingenious. I would enjoy trying that someday. I could see all the landmarks and fascinating things on the earth that I have dreamed of seeing and doing.
The idea that scientists could recreate the sense of smell and taste is imperative to this. Without this person’s mood attitude and feelings toward the experience is nothing but a television show. A subject could smell the ocean or fresh mountain air. This would surely enhance a mood. Electronic pulses would be transmitted into a persons mind make the experience better. This could also be an additive to the relief of pain. These scientific discoveries are advancements for the better of mankind. Rifkin also states “scientists are creating prototypes of computing machines that can simulate aspects of reality”. This would make anything seem real to a person. These environments are called “virtual reality”. I thought it was interesting when the author wrote about a robot mimicking the movements of a person in a virtual reality room. The robot would mimic every movement of the person in the room. All of these aspects propose a question that every man should ask himself; “Are these good things”.

The most outrageous idea in the entire excerpt was the thought of downloading human consciousness. This is the idea of living forever the “Fountain of Youth”. This poses as a new body when the other one is old or even broken. I find it hard to explain the possibility of anyone living forever. This would make a whole new world. The “virtual reality world” and “the real world.” Rifkin later states “information does not rot and decay” it would have to be transfer it to a place where it can be saved and stored. Then it would live in the dream world. People would not have to worry about dieing. Ideally everyone would be immortal. Living forever would be amazing. A person could watch the growth of humanity. A man could see the advancements we have made in the next hundred years. It would be even more amazing than what we have discovered already today.
If all of these ideas do occur someday the human race has escaped death. The idea of living forever is the most tantalizing question. I would however enjoy experimenting with the virtual reality machine. I could see everything I have ever dreamed of. I would be able to visit Europe, Africa, or even take a trip to the moon by doing something as easy as putting a hat on in my dorm room.

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