My artwork represents two time periods: the romantic period and metaphysical period.
One of the most influential poets of the romantic period was William Wordsworth and an example of one his poems is “I wandered lonely as a cloud”. I chose to represent the themes and techniques of the romantic period in a number of ways.

The first theme was poetic spontaneity and freedom from rules of composition. Wordsworth’s poem reflected this by the colloquial language used and the unusual subject. My artwork represents this by displaying all my pictures on a corkboard: the casual positioning and freedom from confines reflects the freedom that he had.
The next theme is of personal experience and subjective emotions. Wordsworth poem is really a recollection and I represent this by putting in a snapshot of a solitary cloud: the snapshot represents a moment in time for him.
A technique that he uses is a simile: he compares himself to a lonely cloud. Again my snapshot of a cloud represents his feelings of isolation, drifting along.

Wordsworth glorified everyday situations from common life when he spoke about the humble daffodil giving him such delight. I represented this by
Nature was an influential theme for many of the metaphysical poets. The white lace on the edges represents the clouds.
The Romantic poets distinctive concepts, plots, forms, and imagery were shaped by the great event that was taking place during their time. This great event was of course the French revolution. I represented it in my artwork with a modified painting. In this painting, a woman bearing a French flag is shown leading her people through battle

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