Sports Motivation

Steger, pg.1

Sports Motivation
Jeffrey Steger
Harper College
Professor Martin Parker
Motivation in sports
Research Paper

Steger, pg.3
When playing any types of sports, we usually try to get ourselves
motivated into what we are doing, so that we might perform better so that
we might be the best at that one sport. For a regular person like you or
me, we might be thinking about one thing at a time to motivate us, like
picturing ourselves winning or succeeding in the event or what may happen
after the event such as creating a fan following or becoming popular. Now
to the premiere athlete or superstar, where winning is a must, to get them
motivated they could be thinking of several or maybe even more things to
get them motivated enough to perform at their peak level. Such as huge
endorsement deals, millions of dollars in cash, expensive items such as
houses, cars, and jewelry, and the chance to become the most famous athlete
in their sport.