Stalin His Life

Stalin His Life No man more fully epitomized this era than Joseph Stalin did. As political, economic, and social leader, Joseph Stalin has emotionally, physically, psychologically, politically, economically, and socially affected Russia even to this day. Imagine yourself in the midst of the end of WWII, out in the streets of Stalingrad where Joseph Stalin will be parading. The masses of people seem to continue in all directions like a vast ocean of supporters for him. As he comes down the street your ears are overwhelmed with the screaming of praise as the people fall to their knees to show their undaunted love and respect for him. You don’t know what to do as you are lost in a sea of everlasting supporters, so you go along with his cause.

His large figure and military uniform glisten in the sunlight as he waves to his supporters from the convertible that he is riding in. The name Stalin which means man of steel suddenly takes a new meaning as he portrays his physical strength. You feel a sense of pride and strength for the Russian cause after viewing him. This was a typical scene at a communist rally during the reign of Joseph Stalin. Stalin was a participant leader of the Russian Revolution in 1917.

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In 1924, when Lenin died, he assumed the position of General Secretary, or Premier, and turned the Soviet Union into a Totalitarian-Communist Empire. Stalin used terrorism and brutal torture against his own people to control his power. Stalin was also one of the founders of Soviet National Security, the KGB. History Essays.