Drugs should be banned in all sports. They have been a problem for a long time. Athletes use them to enhance their body and for simply just the edge. There is nothing wrong with using some drugs to enhance your body as long as they are legal. The problems that come with drugs in sports are how to detect them. Some professional sports, such as the NHL, do not even use drug tests. The only sports that test for everything are the NBA and NFL. The Major League Baseball only tests for illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. They do not test for steroids or any other kind of pill. The reason for this is because the player’s union will not allow these tests. They are currently voting to reconsider this idea. The other problem is that drug testing costs a lot of money and there are plenty of loopholes around these tests.

The other problems are that athletes do not get punished hard enough for failing a drug test. They get fined for pocket change and suspended for a couple of games. Drugs should be banned because they are harmful to a person’s health. The long-term effects of these drugs are outrageous. The most commonly abused drugs are steroids, ephedra, marijuana, and cocaine. Most steroids and ephedra are illegal. They are usually sold illegally on the black market. Ephedra can be bought in your local GNC or other places
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sell dietary supplements. Steroids are usually smuggled like other illegal drugs. They are smuggled through the Mexican border each day. Real Sports did a special on the problems and issues that Mexico and United States face with smugglers. They went to a pharmacy and ordered a large quantity and had them shipped back into the United States. Then they smuggled 75,000 dollars worth of illegal drugs across the border. They used a secret camera to tape everything that happened. The tape was shown to the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI). According to the director, the only way to catch people at the border is if the authorities get tipped off.
Steroids are the first drugs of choice for athletes. I did a study about the football team at my high school. I reportedly found that ten percent of the players admitted to using steroids. Their reasons were to give them an edge or certain advantage over the other players. The most common steroid used was Andoorostine, but some used Oxymetholone and Boldenone. Oxymetholone is sold on the black market for 300 dollars. It is taken orally. Boloenone is sold for 450 dollars on the black market. It is taken by injection. Taking steroids orally are used for high potency, but only have short lives. It usually takes two weeks to escape drug tests. They are the number one choice for athletes. These drugs will soon be in the household with children. They will hear about them and think that it is cool to use them. That happens when kids hear about their role models using drugs. Mark McGuire was attacked by the media for using Androstine, while breaking the home run record. Darryl Strawberry and Lawrence Taylor have been in rehab for cocaine abuse. Allen Iverson has failed NBA drug tests for marijuana. Jose Conseco has admitted to using steroids while playing baseball. He has come out with a
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book that says 80 percent of baseball players use some kind of illegal drug. There are many other players who have admitted to abusing drugs to take away the pain involved while playing sports.
The last reason why drugs should be banned in sports is because of the many teenagers that are abusing them. According to the National Institutes of Health, a half- million kids under the age of 18 are abusing steroids. It seems that we’re raising a generation of individuals destined to be highly aggressive or severely depressed. Most teenagers do not know the effects that steroids can cause. They lower good cholesterol and raises bad cholesterol. That gives users a better risk for a heart attack and stroke. Testosterone can also speed the growth of prostate cancer. Many users try to combat the side effects by taking steroids in six to eight week cycles, but there is little they can do about the changes the drugs cause in their brain. There are estimates that 10 percent of users suffer bursts of irrational and uncontrollable fury. This fury is also known as roid rage. There have been crimes that probably would not have happened if teenagers were not abusing steroids. One teen, without a criminal record, before taking steroids went into
a jealous rage and stabbed his girlfriend to death.

There are many reasons why drugs should be legal in sports. Some drugs treat diseases and cancer. Some drugs have been researched to help find the cure for AIDS and other diseases that do not have a cure. Steroids can help treat anemia, osteoporosis and certain breast cancers.

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There has also been research using steroids on severe brain injuries. There was a
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case where a man was severely burned and his body shut down testosterone. The problem
is that without testosterone a burned victim will lose a lot of muscle during their recovery. After the patient leaves the hospital they will be very weak and will not be able to perform simple daily activities. Researchers say that steroid injections help prevent patients gain muscle and allow them to do simple activities more rapidly.
The primary use of steroids in health care is to reduce inflammation and other disease symptoms. Steroid inhalers have an important role in reducing deaths from asthma. Steroid injections are useful in treating painful joints and ligaments. Steroids make the whole immune system less active, which can be useful in illnesses where there is an immune component. Steroids are the ultimate anti-inflammatory drug. Steroids use in medicine is limited by serious side effects in the body as a whole. That is why steroids tend to be used sparingly in local preparations such as sprays and creams. This ensures a maximum steroid dose where it is needed and minimum levels in the blood system. Steroids have also been a breakthrough for breast cancer in women. There have been studies that have shown improvement in women that have breast cancer, because they have used anabolic steroids. A study showed that 1,000,000women been saved by using anabolic steroids to treat their breast cancer. This study was taken by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). There has also been approved research for chronic nutritional deficiencies, severe anemia, heredity angioedema, and relief of bone pain accompanying osteoporosis. The government has slowly made anabolic steroids helpful for AIDS wasting syndrome
There are many other reasons that drugs should be legal in sports. Some drugs
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help build muscles and protein. There are many other drugs that are helpful for an athlete that has an injury. I think it is perfectly all right when an athlete uses a supplement to help them recover from an injury. I tore ligaments in my knee playing football. The tear in my knee was so bad that it required surgery. The healing process for that type of tear was three months. The doctor old me that he could give me a steroid called Stanazolod to help the ligaments heal quickly. At first I thought that the use of steroids was dangerous until I did some research about this Stanazolol. I found out that it is very safe. It helps tissues and ligaments heal without taking a toll on the brain. Most steroids have a long-term effect on the brain and human body in general. This particular steroid had some side effects, but nothing out of the ordinary. It listed nausea, stomach pain, headaches, and acne. Other steroids can cause blindness, hypertension, high blood pressure, and heart disease. I was very pleased with the results I got. I got back on the field in two months. I also did not suffer any of the side effects mentioned on the bottle.
In conclusion, I think that drugs should still be banned in sports. There is a degree in which drugs should be used legally. Some steroids should be legal, but the majority of them are dangerous to a person’s body and only cause more damage. I think that this is an argument that will take years to fix and overcome. There should be absolutely no illegal drugs in sports. Marijuana and other drugs are illegal and there should be stricter punishment for drug abuse. I think that is distressing that popular organizations such as the NHL does not drug test their players. Hopefully one day in the near future drugs will be banned, at least for the sake of the players.