That smell

That Smell
Do you ever get out of the car someplace, and just smell the air? Like, when you go home for the weekend, and everything smells differentbetter. Or, you go to the beach, and you can smell the salt, and the seaweed, and the fuel from the boats in the harbor. Delicious.
When I was a little girl, I used to live two blocks away from the beach. Then I moved. I miss having all the windows open and the scent of the ocean waft into the house. Now, when I go to my friend’s house on the beach, it smells wonderful. The beach in my city isn’t even a really clean beach. There’s a lot of pollution, but it still smells fine. The air where my school now is different than that; it’s cleaner. It makes me miss home so much more.
Every time I’ve gone home, I went to the beach. People here asked what I did over the weekend, and I tell them, “I went to the beach.” They think I’m nuts. I explain that I didn’t go swimming, just to the beach. They still don’t get why I went to the beach in the middle of September.

The beach makes me think of the summer. When I can just forget about everything, and lie there, basking in the warm sunlight, with my friends around me chattering. It makes me remember the time when three of my friends and I packed a picnic lunch and rode to the beach on our bikes. I was in the fourth grade, and I haven’t hung around with those three since. I’ll never forget that day. We promised to always stay friends, no matter what. We made a pact, and we broke it.
The beach reminds me of this past summer, when I went to the beach with my best friend’s six-year old sister, Maryanne, and her mom. My best friend didn’t want to go, so she stayed home. I was six-years old that day. We went as far as we could in the water, we built a sandcastle, ate ice cream, and went hunting for crabs. I had so much fun. I would have never done that if I were with my friends.

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All I want is that smell – to take me away from right now.