The Injustice of Slavery

Slaves were people who were taken from their home land in Africa and
brought to America, to serve as servants on farms, doing household chores, etc.

Slaves were used from the beginning of time, by people like the Egyptians. Now a
days it is illegal to own slaves, but it still happens. And to this day African
Americans are discriminated. In my opinion, that is just not fair, they did not
ask to come over to our country, we brought them here. We are the ones to blame.

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Yet, they have to pay. If you were a black man and had a trial with a white jury,
you will probably be guilty. If you are a black man, many white people will try
to steer clear of you, or look at you in a funny way.

How did slaves actually become free, you might be asking yourself. It
all began with a man named Abraham Lincoln, he wanted to set slaves free. But
the southern states had large plantations and needed slaves to help, so this was
not a good idea, in their opinion. This controversy led to the Civil War, which
was eventually won by the north, and slaves were set free in America. But people
discriminated slaves very much, and that was not good.

Discrimination of African Americans is not that big now a days, but it
is still out there. Discrimination sort of died out when a man named Martin
Luther King, Jr. expressed some of his thoughts about discrimination. His famous
speech was entitled “I Have a Dream”. Back before his speech, African Americans
were not treated as people. They had to stand at the back of the bus, they had
to live in a certain area of town, they could not use the white restrooms or
white drinking fountains, they could not even eat in the same restaurants as
white people. Thanks to many people like Martin Luther King Jr. this is non-
existent today.

To conclude my report, I would like to say how bad I think slavery
actually was. To just take these people from their homelands and take them to a
place where they would be mistreated, beaten, and even killed, is just totally

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