The Life Of Jimi Hendrix

The Life Of Jimi Hendrix Johnny Allen Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942. His father Al Hendrix the later changed his name to James Marshall Hendrix. He was born in Seattle, Washington. When he was 18 he enlisted in the army as a parachute jumper. He had to quit the army due to an injury. After that, he began working as a session guitarist under the name Jimmy James.

After gigging with Little Richard in 1964 he started his own band named Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. In 1966 he went to London and started his new band called the Jimmi Hendrix Experience. His new band consisted of Noel Redding who played bass. Mitch Mitchell who played the drums. Their first hit they made was Hey Joe.It hit the U.K. charts in early 1967.

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Some other hits were Purple Haze and The Wind Cries Mary. Their first debut album was named Are You Experienced? In the summer of 1969, Jimmi played at the 69 Woodstock concert. He played The Star Spangled Banner. He was working on an album named First Rays of the New Rising Sun. Many of the tracks were recorded but unfortunitly the record was left unfinished because of his death on September 18, 1970. Music.