The name of our city is Zeus. It is located on a p

lanet by the star Phoenix, 20trillion light years from Earth. The city has 2 billion people in it and is the size of
the entire USA. The entire city of Zeus is run by a computer so there is no
government. Everyone in the city has a identification chip implanted in their
heart. This ID chip tells the city computer exactly where everyone is. It has their
full name, address, phone number, age, and gender. It also includes a police
record, if the person has one and the person’s proportions ( height, weight, etc.)
The city has an electronic forcefield around it. The forcefield has 75
backups, and is invisible. Nothing can penetrate into it, but things can go out of
Transportation: The only way of transportation in Zeus is hover cars
controlled by sensors on buildings. The sensors make it so the cars cannot
crash. The person in the car does not drive. They simply get in and say where
it is they wish to go to. The car recognizes human voice and will take you to the
place you say as quick as possible. The sensors track each car and where it will
be going. Then it will make other cars going to the same place fly at a different
elevation. This way, no crashes will occur. There is also a sensor in the car to
find out who you are by reading the ID chip. No hover car for civilians can fly
above 60,000 feet.

Housing: The homes in Zeus are indestructible. Each house has 2
halves. The top half is only about 2-3 floors. The bottom half is underground.
Most homes have 5-12 floors underground. Having most of the house
underground takes up less space above ground. This allows more people to live
in the same area.

Police: The city has 40 police stations. Each police station is run
completely by computer. There are no human police officers. The police
officers are indestructible robots. Each robot is equipped with 6 different guns.
They also have night vision. The police cars fly from between 60,000 feet and
75,000 feet.
Medical Service: The city has 35 hospitals. Each hospital has 5,000
rooms and 5 emergency rooms. Each also has 70 ambulances. They fly
between 75,000 feet and 90,000 feet. Surgery is done by robots. The doctor
just tells the robots what kind of surgery is to be performed. Then the robot
reads the ID chip in the patient to find out their proportions and begins surgery.
Fire Department: There is no fire department. All buildings in the city are
completely fireproof. If something not part of the building catches on fire,
automatic sprinklers will put the object out.
Occupations: The occupations in Zeus are all the same as today, except
no politicians, no police officers, no firemen, no waiters or waitresses, and no
postal workers.
Entertainment: The city has 20 movie theaters. Each has 100 screens.
The screens are 200 feet wide and 110 feet high. All seats are recliners that
vibrate and move in time to the movie. Tickets cost $20 and include a copy of
the movie afterwards.

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There are also sports in the city. Zeus has professional teams in:
basketball, football, baseball, ice hockey, and hover hockey. Each team has its
own sports arena. They hold from 40,000 to 70,000 people each.
There are no restaurants in Zeus. That is because in every home, there
is a small keypad in the kitchen. If you are hungry, just type what food you want
and it is beamed to your table within 2 seconds. You can also do this from the
hover car. The sensors know where you live because of the ID chip, and the
food is sent to your house. then you can eat right when you get home.
Military: Zeus’s army is the most powerful in the universe. It has 50
billion indestructible robots. 30 billion of them are completely invisible and
undetectable. The robots had 12 different guns built into them. They include a
shotgun, rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher with nuclear grenades, high
power laser, and others. Each gun has armor-piercing bullets.

Each robot also has an indestructible tank that can ride in any terrain.
These tanks can fire missals and bombs at a speed of 10,000 light years per
second. The missals are controlled by a computer so they can be steered. The
army base is the size of Alaska. It is very highly secured. The army base is also
Mail: All mail is delivered via e-mail. People pay their bills over the
computer. To do this, they pay the city as much as they want. Then they are
given a code. To pay a bill, they give the company the code and they deduct the
amount from the money they paid the city. When all that money is gone, they
put in more if they need to. To deliver packages, the sender just puts the
packages in a hover car and type in the address. Then the car will go to that
address and the person gets the package.
Garbage Disposal: All garbage made by the people on Zeus is loaded
into a rocket and sent to the sun. The sun acts like a giant incinerator and burns
all of the garbage. This process happens every 2 weeks. Each rocket can hold
250 tons of garbage.

Space Travel: Zeus has a space port that is 25 times the size of Midway
and O’Hare airports combined. From it, rockets are launched that go 30 times
the speed of light. They are used to travel to travel all around the universe. To
travel to the farthest part of the known universe, it only takes about 40 seconds.
The cost of an average trip is $800.