The Somin

The Black Death emerged in the Gobi Desert in the late 1320s (Marks 7). After it commenced, the plague spread to Eastern Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The plague bacillus, which was an organism usually, carried by rodents, was alive and fatal long before the 1320s (Marks 23). Europe had already suffered an epidemic in the 6th century (Bowsky 25). In the 14th century, the Earth’s climate began to cool, and there were frequent outbreaks of famine (Bowsky 32). This period of cooler weather was known as the Little Ice Age (Cunningham 36). Some of the main causes of this plague was trading, exploring and extremely cold weather conditions. More food, money, and wealth as well as the decline in church power were some of the major effects.

There are many reasons why the black plague came into existence. In the 1330s, unusual weather sent Mongol nomads migrating into different territories in search for food and water. The weather was atrocious for the Mongols of Central Asia,

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