There Are People Out There In The Workforce That Believe They Are Obligated To Do Their Best At Their Job Simply Because That

.. ur ways to combat this problem: 1. Change management style 2. Change working conditions 3. Provide incentives 4. Develop an attendance policy We are all aware of that when employees call in ill, it does not mean they are truly too physically ill to work.

One reason, outside of illness, that employees are absent is stress ( The number one reason employees are stressed has to do with their relationship with their manager or supervisor. Management styles that are authoritarian tend to promote high levels of absenteeism among employees. Authoritarian managers are managers who have poor listening skills, set unreachable goals, have poor communication skills, and are inflexible (Managing Human Resources, Sherman, Bohlander, Snell). In other words, they yell too much, blame others for problem and make others feel that it must be their way or the “highway.” By identifying managers who use an authoritarian style, and by providing them with management training, you will be taking a positive step not only toward reducing absenteeism, but also reducing turnover, job burnout, and employee health problems such as backaches and headaches. Not only does relationship stress occur between the employee and manager, but it also exists between employees. Frequently I hear employees say they did not go to work because they are fearful of or angry with another employee.

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These employees usually report they just could not deal with a certain person today, so they called in ill. Companies that adopted policies and values that promote employee respect and professionalism, and promote an internal conflict resolution procedure, are companies that reduce employee stress. A reduction in employee stress reduces employee absenteeism. An incentive provides an employee with a boost to their motivation to avoid unnecessary absenteeism. It simply helps the employee decide to go to work instead of sitting home watching non-intellectual television programs such as Jerry Springer. Some companies allow employees to cash in their unused sick days at the end of a quarter. Others give an employee two hours of bonus pay for every month of perfect attendance or unused sick days.

And still others provide employees with a buffet lunch, a certificate of achievement, or even a chance at winning prizes. The type of incentive program your company uses should be created for your company. As I said before, incentives and rewards can be unimportant or punishments to some while they are incentives to work harder and rewards to others. For example my employees might not care about getting an extra $20 at the end of the month but might respond greatly to getting a weekend off the next month or getting free lunch for perfect attendance. The duration of the incentive program is also very important to it working well. Once again, your employees should help you set a time frame hat is reasonable. Since I work for a beach club and it is only open for three months a year I would work on a two-week program or even a weekly program if I were using something like a free lunch.

Generally the younger the employee and the harder the work the more the incentive should be given. Another idea is to start small and work up to larger rewards, ex: free lunch can progress to a weekend off. This would start with the weekly reward and finally the big reward would come at the end of the month. This would work well because I have young employees (ages 14 to 20). An attendance policy allows a manager, like myself, to intervene with an employee who is frequently absent.

. According to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), employees are allowed up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave (Managing Human Resources, Sherman, Bohlander, Snell). This is because stress is not the only reason for absenteeism. Besides stress as a primary reason for employee absenteeism, other causes relate to alcoholism, domestic violence, family problems, and sometimes laziness (like in my case). If you confront an employee about his or her frequent absenteeism, and they inform you it is due to personal problems, consider referring them to an Employee Assistance Program, EAP (

If the employees absenteeism relates to a medical problem or a family member with a medical problem you may have to consider allowing the employee to use the benefits allowed to them under the Americans with Disability Act, ADA, or the Family and Medical Leave Act, FMLA (Managing Human Resources, Sherman, Bohlander, Snell). Make sure you check that your employee policy does not break any federal laws before you enforce it. Reducing absenteeism will reduce employee burnout, turnover, poor morale, and workplace negativism. Here is a little information about the FMLA. It can be used for the care of a newborn after birth, or adoption. It is for any immediate family member such as a spouse, child, or parent.

It is also for your own serious health concerns. Serious health problems include cancer, or fatal disease. It does not include the common cold, headaches, or a stomach bug. Not everyone is covered by FMLA. To be considered an eligible employee you must have 1,250 hours or 12 months in a company and your employer must employ 50 people within 75 miles of the worksite.

If you do take the allowed 12 weeks or less, your employer, when you return, must uphold a few standards. They must allow you to return to the same position or one of equal status, and they must maintain your benefits. Your employer also must not decrease your pay or benefits at the conclusion of 12 weeks. We all know what it means to be deprived of time. The way it is today, everything you do has to be done “in a New York minute”.

An added stress people have to worry about is not having time to do the little day-to-day things such as doctors appointments and the dry cleaning (). Another way a company can motivate employees and keep stress down is to come up with solutions to their workers problems. When I saw this information I thought a little about some ways to help solve these problems. For doctors visits, try to find a doctor to do on the site checkups where anyone in the office can schedule an appointment. For the dry cleaning, find a service near by that will pick up and deliver from the office.

What about grocery shopping? What would it be like to call in an order ready for pickup when you get off of work? There are also on-line services that you can buy your groceries from and have them delivered to your house. How about a stress relieving massage or facial and pedicure? You can offer to have a weekly visit from a masseuse and a manicurist. I have also thought that there are not always stores with these services so why not hire people for these jobs. Im sure there is an older person looking for part time work, or a mom who wants to earn a little extra money. These are the type of people for this job.

Now that you have thought of ways to keep your employees in the office more and ways to keep them calm, you will have a more productive business. These are only a few dilemmas with easy solutions. You would have to find out what irks your employees to make a project like this successful. To do this you might come up with a questionnaire (see sample at the end of the paper). Not only will you know their problems, but they will also notice that you, as a manager, care about their needs.

This creates a sense of worth in a company. There are all kinds of employees out there with different work ethics. This creates a problem with keeping productivity high. A way to ensure employee happiness and high profit is to reward and provide custom made incentives for your company. Bibliography Works Cited 1.

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