Titan:The Uprising

From the Darkness
The cool, dense air boasted over the horizon at dusk. I stand thereFace to the boundless horizon of the terrain before me. Blood, Bullets, Bodies lie coldstill on the ground, each containing a past.
I stood there with my AR in hand, I stepped forward, knocking all pebbles around my feet, leading my few men towards what seemed to be certain death. We all were a bit edgy now. After a week of fighting and adrenaline, the body seemed due to failure. No one could predict what had happened in the past few days.

Of course, command stuck me with Ten young and inexperienced recruit’s, mind you that’s all there was left. All veterans were wiped out. Our people have been fighting for freedom from the dreaded Collective for years. It seemed as if it was a lost cause. Maybe it still is. Who knows what’s ahead for my men and I.

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My men and I have grown weary, all our suites were battered, most of the armor missing, or gone entirely. Faces were cut and bruised, some of them considered serious. No time for that now. Ammunition was in short supply. We finished all the remaining rations we had. We were hungry, cold at night, and without Enhanced Sensors. We were blind to what was coming
“Setup camp here for the night!” I said with a stern voice.

The recruit’s looked for their spots for the night. I however would not. Someone has to guard these kids. I sure as hell wasn’t going to let them guard me.

A couple hours passed, it was now dark. The air grew ever more cold. I knew by the cold temperatures someone wasn’t going to make it through the night. They all seemed to stare at me, with a scared look in their eyes. Wishing that they were home, before they were all destroyed. All remaining people are now nomads. Cast into the wind, Seeking shelter wherever possible. The few fighting for our world, I included, only go where the enemy lie. You could say we’re the last hope for this planet, this planet seemed so destined to be Collective property.

It was pitch black, I had been crouching on my knees for awhile now. All I could hear is deep shivering breaths from my men. The silence soon left. Out of my eyesight I heard footsteps. As I reached for my AR nervously, The steps grew closer and so close it seem like they should have passed already. I suddenly jerked around, gun razed, ready to riddle whatever was coming with bullets.
“Show yourself!” I said Angrily.

A shadow appeared. It soon came into light of my flashlight attached to my suit. One of the few things still Intact. It was a woman; a woman dressed in rags. Her sleeves were gone, no protection from this bitter coldness. Her shirt had been torn up, so much that she was pretty much naked.

“What in gods name are you doing out here in this coldness with nothing on!” I exclaimed.

Before she could answer she rolled her eyes back into her head and passed out, landing in my arms. A classic scene from old movie it seemed. Seeing her in these temperatures with that little clothing made me extremely cold.
“Soldiers!” I shouted. “Emergency blanket! NOW!”
Soldiers all around jumped to their feet expecting a fight. But found a half naked woman lying on the freezing ground. We wrapped her in the blanket. She was still unconscious, but alive.

Morning came fast, as the sun’s rose it warmed considerably fast for the temperatures reached during the night. I checked my men, they all seemed alive, But one. I walked over yelling.

“Get your pansy ass up. Now!” I shouted. While trying to stay as quiet as possible.
Still there was no response. He lie still. I lifted my leg and slammed his side with enough force to kill a small child.
“OUCH!” The soldier yelled. He was indeed alive. Everyone survived the night, thankfully.

At that moment the woman started coming around. I walked over and crouched beside her. “What’s your name?”
She moved her head around shaking off the sleep. She sat up. “My-my name is Sandra. What’s yours?”
“Commander J. Lacey.” I said with pride. “Now what are you doing so far away from anyone?”
“My home was destroyed. My family killed. I have no real place to go, I have been wandering.” With a tear in her eye. “But that’s in the past now! I would give anything to see my family again”
At that moment blood sprayed my face. She had been shot in the temple. She was still standing, but lifeless. She slowly fell on her back, legs tucked under. Nothing could have prepared me for this. I took the emergency blanket and covered her. My men were even more shocked to see something so gruesome.

Their eyes opened wide. Mouths dropped.
“Take cover!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Men started diving for cover wherever possible. As I shouted bullets came raining down on us, bullets narrowly missing my head, I was even scared at this point. We couldn’t see what was shooting, it just wasn’t there. “There on top of the next ridge!” as I screamed and raised my AR in a heroic stance. I got a couple shots off into the distance. In an instant it all stopped. No movement up ahead or on our Six. “Sir, what should we do now?” one of the recruits said with a tone of fear. “Pair up and check all surrounding area. But stay low. We don’t want to lose any of you.” I said shaken up with what just happened. What was scaring me the most is whoever, or whatever was doing the shooting stopped. He could be regrouping or even flanking us.
The girl got her wish, to see her family again. I thought.

“Sir, I have something that you might be interested in looking at.” Excitedly.

Whoever was doing the shooting was now lying lifeless on the ground with those couple shots I seemed to get lucky. I flipped his body onto his stomach. He had a device on his back. As I looked at it closer it had a marking on it. The marking read; Improved Cloak Id#32144543. This was indeed the Collective’s gear.
“Lets keep this with us. It might come in handy later on.” As I detached the cloak from his back. ” Collect all ammo.”
My 2nd in Command ran up behind me. “Sir, Enemy! About 24 Soldiers heading this way!” He said eagerly. “How far?” I ordered. “about 100 yards.” So short notice of the enemy advancing. “Prepare for battle. If it comes to it. Let’s try and keep a low profile, we need to conserve ammunitions.” I said as I jogged off behind a hill.
“Anderson!” I shouted towards my 2nd in Command. “You and Bailey take high ground. I want all Heavy artillery destroyed. My two snipers ran off with excitement, for they have not known true battle. True battle that was soon to come.

The ground was a orange sand color this time of day. Jagged rocks as far as the eye can see, Cliffs to the left and right of us. We were in Collectives path. Suddenly the ground seemed to rumble as the last of us moved into position. I had two men, Jenkins and samisen, get into flanking position.
The first of their men came over the small hill, giving away their position. Followed closed behind by a Tank. One of the few tanks you don’t mess with. It would melt your skin before it even hit you. All the men but two carried standard Assault Rifles, the other two were packing relentless weapons, The Plasma Cannon, and the other man was holding a Pistol.
As they moved into the gorge my men were readying their weapons. They finished loading quietly, by this time the enemy troops were all within the gorge. I could only see eight men, the others nowhere in sight. Could of Anderson been wrong? I don’t see how you can mistake eight for Twenty-four. Something didn’t smell right.

If I were to catch them by surprise now would be the time. After all they had weapons and ammunition, we had weapons but enough ammo for this attack.

I turned on my head comm. “Now!” From over the top of the gorge on either side emerged two guys as they pulled pins on their frag grenades and released them down into the gorge. The men did not notice the frags roll down the sides. The grenades went off with a mighty bang. Me and four of my men raised our guns and let loose a hoard of bullets. The tank came to a dead stop. Silence fell, a couple shots went off by a man that was wounded on the terrain. He was met with double the fire. They sliced into him, his gun fell to the ground. The back of the tank opened abruptly. Around Fifteen to Twenty men rushed out guns blazing as they poured out. My men where indeed scared. They couldn’t help but wondering what bullet had their name on it.

They all stopped to reload after a minute of continuos firing. This was our chance. We jumped up firing all remaining weapons. Mine ran out almost instantly, so I threw my gun to the side and grabbed my Combat Knife out of my ankle holder.
I ran fiercely into the hoards of friendly bullets. One soldier ran at me defending a fellow soldier. He flew at me with force, the force didn’t help him.
“AAAAAHHH!!!!” The soldier yelled as he swung the back of his Assault Rifle at my head.

I grabbed it after it swung past and I lunge my knife into his chest. His visor was smashed, He looked me in the eyes with a scared look in his face. Something I have wanted to see for a long time. He slowly stopped struggling, and fell towards the ground like a paperweight. I reached down and yanked my knife from his dead body and wiped off the thick, red, blood.
I was still crouched over the man I had just killed when from behind a blast. The back of my head was warm with blood. The world muted, my eyes opened as wide as they had ever been, all I could hear was my heart beating, as the beats became slower, and slower with every breath.