Tj walker with gun violence

1. Describe your relationship with your mom, overall how much time do you think you get to spend with her?
-she raised me, so naturally we have a closer relationship and spend more time together than my dad and me.
-we’ve had an ok relationship, ever since she met carl and started her business, we’ve spent less and less time together.

2. What happened to get you and your friends brought to the police station?
3. How did you meet Terry Bottner?
4. Do you think its a good thing to talk to Terry or do you not enjoy it?
5. Describe your relationship with your dad.

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-wasnt around for a few years when he & my mom got divorced.

– after he got married / had jesse things changed – he became more interested.

-we saw eachother more often and shared a common interest in guns
-went to shooting ranges and read books about guns.. it was a fun way to spend time with my dad.

-i liked to hang out with him alone more than with his family… i never felt like i really fit in w them.

6. What was your opinionm on guns before the accident?
– i thought if you carried a gun u were cool and powerful…no one can mess with you.

-my friends would bring guns to school and i thought they were awesome, but when i saw carl’s i knew i needed to bring it in
7. How many times did you bring the gun to school?
-once, my friends were amazed, they called me beretta… i felt cool
8. Describe the events of Dec 4th
9. where’d you get the gun?
-at my moms house
-in carl’s toolbox.

10. how’d you know it was there?
-when carl first moved in i overheard him and my mom fighting about it being in the house… they knew i was home then i came downstairs and she was reading something on safe storage of firearms, i tried to talk to her about it but she got really angry at me.

-one day i went into carls toolbox to get something and it was in there…

– i knew i needed to show my friends.

11. How many times did you take it out of the house with you?
twice… once 2 school and then to dad’s house…i wish i never did that.

12. did anyone notice the gun was gone?