Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love Willie: Ok Mom, I’m going out for a little while. Mom: Don’t be late, I will be waiting up for you. Willie: Don’t worry Mom, I’ll be back, go to sleep. Narrator: Little did his mother know he was going to a Frat Party at some crack house on the West Side called “Phillies and Forties”. When he arrived at the party, he smoked all the weed and drank all the Old E.

he could find. At this point he was insanely under the influence. On the drive home he hit a beagle and a mailbox. The Cops pulled him over. Officer Gibby: Please step out of the vehicle son Willie: Did I do anything wrong Mr.

officer Officer Gibby: You are under arrest for reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, driving while intoxicated, destructing government property, and running over a Beagle. Narrator: The officer then drove Willie to the Erie County Holding Center and gave him his phone call. He called him Mother. —-Phone Rings—- Willie: Mama, I’m in jail, please come pick me up. —-Phone slams—- Narrator: She posts bail and he gets released until his court date the next week.

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The whole ride home is silent until they step into the door. Mom: What you have done is very wrong. You could of killed someone, and more importantly, yourself. I’ve seen kids disown their children for acts like these. You are lucky you have a mother that loves you as much as I do.

I am still very disappointed but know this. Whenever you do anything wrong, it is like a stabbing a knife right into my heart. I will always love you no matter what, please don’t take advantage of that. . . .

Willie: I’m sorry Momma it will never happen again. Mom: Ok son, go to bed. We will talk about your punishment tomorrow morning.