Utopia- Lamonte Brown Copyrighted 1987
Utopia was a perfect society and mostly everyone is tryig achieve their own personal utopia in some way. If a Utopia was so easy to achieve then war or famine wouldbe scarce.

This is a term paper explaining just that. I ain’t no afaid person (ya understand). I’m a rapper but I’m still a gorilla (ya understand).

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I’ll whip ya like the Thrilla Manilla (ya understand). You gon’ make me have to kill me a person (ya understand).

I’m a be here for a minute lil wodie (ya understand). Ain’t bout to let nobody mess over me (ya understand).

I don’t need ya playa hatin’ on Juvey (ya understand). Don’t be talkin’ about what you gon’ do with me (ya understand). I’ll ride everyday of the week (ya understand). Ya get ya issue when ya playin’ with me (ya understand).I’ll crawl at the spot that ya sleep (ya understand).

Get with my people from the block and we creep (ya understand). Load it up cock it back and get ready (ya understand). Make sure you be holdin’ it steady (ya understand).

We gon’ go in there and blow the switch up (ya understand).

Soon as we get ’em we gon’ all get the nut (ya understand).

I’m still that regular, cetera cat, from the street
Thuggin it, lovin my life as Memph Bleek
But I’m stuck with, huggin that block, sellin that D
Grew up with, nothin but killas and O.G.’s
I’m the product of the ghetto ’til they bag me up
With a bail stash in case they snatch me up
I’m a soldier in this war and I resemble my pops
I ain’t nothin like him, that’s where this criminal stop
I provide for the fam, divide them grams
Cook it, make flips, survival plans
Bein successful, I had every intent
But I went to the high school a playin the bench
We live off wit, just like our switch-up strips
I was raised by the gun so I switch up clips
Gettin my hustle on, tryna switch up kicks
I won’t change bein thug, I won’t switch up shit
It’s my life nigga