Why I Want To Enter College

Why I Want To Enter College Since this topic was left open-ended I shall write about my reasons for wanting to enter your college. During my years of school I have found only one thing to stand out above the others, my interest in computers. This interest has grown throughout the years and has lead me to desire career in the computing industry. To expand on this I have decided upon becoming a computer engineer and enter a career field that I think would be both fun and profitable. After searching though many college books I settled upon this school because it met my criteria for a school.

I have heard from several people that A&T offers one of the best engineering programs in the state and that the people and staff are great. I wanted to go to a school that was far enough away from home that I could truly enjoy my independence, while still close enough so that I could visit my family without driving for hours on end. These are the reasons is why I have chosen A&T for my college experience. I feel that I could both expand my views and be prepared for my chosen field here. While I can’t say I would be the best student you could have, but I can say I will try the hardest to accomplish that status. Acceptance Essays.