Why Philosophy

Why Philosophy? Why Philosophy? Aaron R. Nino Religion “Philosophy is simply his effort to avoid doing this in the dark,” says Robert Johann. He is referring to using his freedom to take his personal stand on everything and be responsible for the stand he takes. So what then is Philosophy? Is it to throw some light on the meaning of life as a whole, to give man some idea of what he is about. You could say so.

But understanding the positive side of philosophy might just seem impossible! Philosophy is for you, the thinker to involve himself on his own free response. It is not only meant to take a standpoint involving looking deeper, past the outward appearance of the proposed question. A philosophical view is judged over and over again, until you ultimately end up having to judge yourself. To me philosophy is a way to interpret things that sometimes seem like there is no apparent answer. Although Philosophy is supposed to mean interpretation some perceive it as a nave way to pursue wisdom.

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Now people of the new age are posed with the deep impending question of it’s future. Is there a future for Philosophy? Many think not. And that is only because some people cannot open their minds to unexplainable views about the way life sometimes is perceived. Although philosophy may consist to you as some what of a religion to believe or impede in, it also represents the hopes and praises of all. Poetry Essays.