Wtc Bombing

Wtc Bombing Dear Cobras, As I came out of my Calculus class at exactly 9:10 A.M. on September 11, I witnessed an event that would change my life forever; the attack on the World Trade Center. I was standing on Broadway and 8th street approximately 10 blocks from the New York City Financial District. As I walked outside, I noticed that there were several people not being able to use their cell phones and by nature I proceeded to look around and see what had happened. As I looked up, I saw the second plane hit the south tower of the trade center.

I couldn’t believe my eyes; the beautiful silver towers of the world trade center were on fire. I stood there to see what else would happen. About ten minutes later, I saw the first tower crumble to its demise. At that point, I was devastated. The landscape I had been so used to was now being destroyed.

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Although I was ten blocks from the site, the smoke began to engulf all buildings surrounding my area. I began to run to my dorm room in fear of my life. When I finally got to my dorm room, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Although I feared for my safety, I immediately ran to the Red Cross to donate blood because I knew that I was O- and many people would need donations. What I saw there was enlightening; there were hundreds of people lined up to give their blood to others.

In only an hour, all these people had gathered. Furthermore, business owners and employees were coming around with water and bread to feed the people standing in line. When I asked if they were part of some group, they said they just came out to help their fellow citizens. It was sensational that in a city known for a cold demeanor and unkind people, people were giving completely of themselves without regard to their own safety. The city had become one, which is what I hope so many people will learn from this tragedy. It was unfortunate that it took a disaster such as this to make people come together.

We should learn from this. Immediately after I gave blood I signed up to volunteer with the Red Cross and State Emergency Relief. Due to my experience with Hurricane Andrew Relief, I was put to work that same day. I was transported at about 6: oo PM to Liberty Place (Ground Zero). I began to help in the Triage Hospital, running blood and supplies to nurses and doctors.

It was the most devastation I had ever seen in my entire life. There were so many hurt that there were not enough places to put everyone. I helped put bed sheets on common desk chairs in order to accommodate more victims. These people that like everyone had just gone to work were now sitting bloody and bruised without knowledge of their colleagues or family. Such a common day had changed their life forever.

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